Alfonso is a 61 year old man who has been homeless since his mother passed away. He is believed to be living in Santa Monica, near City Hall. His sister, Ana, lives in Edmonton, Canada and is desperate to find him. Alfonso is Ana's only brother. Ana reports that Alfonso has some mental health issues and that sometimes he is not in touch with reality. He does not abuse alcohol or drugs.

Alfonso lived with his mother in North Hollywood through the time she passed away. When his mother was alive, he could often be found in the area of Ventura and Laurel Canyon. Since then, Alfonso has been seen near the intersection of Magnolia and Laurel Canyon.

Reaching Out California would love to be able to reunite Alfonso with his sister in Canada. (Alfonso knows Ana by Ana's middle name, Marlene.) If you find Alfonso, or you have any information as to where he might be, please contact us at Reaching Out California as soon as possible:

Thank you for helping us help Alfonso and Ana.